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Unfortunately it was badly damaged and only a few minutes survive. The Beatles were heavily into tea time during this period and took many breaks. You might say Carnival of Light was one of their tea breaks. How so ever they did create the mythical track Carnival of Light which has a small group of devotees under their spell. That alone is a great accomplishment considering most of the group didn't like the song, well at least most of the group after the others who were alive actually remembered having doing it at all. Yes the 60's were like that. You could do something and not remember doing it for 40 or 50 years. It's all part of the plan because everyone knows the Beatles were replaced by Japanese manufactured robots after watching Vincent Price's House of Wax in and S&M parlor on acid. Paul believed they could fake their own deaths and even their resurrections or even their erections if they wanted to because they had the whole damn thing bottled up. Yes through heavy use of mind control techniques which included subliminal messages they planned on using Carnival of Light to put the world under their spell for all eternity. Almost instantaneously the entire world was to be turned into Pepper Land. The Russians wouldn't have it and threatened tactical nuclear attacks on Paul McCartney's human dairy farm. Paul got fidgety and even broke a tea cup and decided to not release Carnival of Light. He had thought he had recorked the idea, a 60's day dream...take over the world through drugs, bondage and music....however I found this acetate in a fleamarket where fleas were going for $0.01 a pound. You just can't beat those prices. So without further adieu....oh and if you got this far and believe every word of it...you're welcome to make donations :D


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