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Beatles 1967 Carnival of Light? #2 Beatles 1967 Carnival of Light? #2 Beatles 1967 Carnival of Light? #4

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Found this in a vintage box of Fruit Loops I purchased off of Ebay for $0.99 free shipping. It was an acetate recording. Barb Brew End was the seller's name. His account is now deleted, weird. What's even more weird is the acetate glows in the dark and smells like sour apples. Hmmm...There was rumor the Beatles Carnival of Light was circulated by a secret society cult of underground eccentrics so who knows? Perhaps this is part of it and you have to buy more vintage cereal boxes to solve the puzzle. It must be a riddle.

Then again pigs might sprout wings and terrorize the population below with their oinks and squeals.


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