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Naoki and Kotoko "Satellite" --Itazura na Kiss #2 Naoki and Kotoko "Satellite" --Itazura na Kiss #2 Naoki and Kotoko "Satellite" --Itazura na Kiss #4

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spoilers for both seasons!

I just love this couple and their many interpretations! I started this video a long long long time ago back when season 2 was airing (so almost a year) but I knew I didn't want to finish it until Naoki said that quote about how Kotoko can do the ten percent he could never do (this is one of the benefits of already having seen both the K and TW version; knowing what to expect) so I kept waiting and waiting for that episode to air. Finally episode 13 had the quote and i was so excited to put in the video but low and behold I could not get readable files of the last few episodes for months... *cough* a certain website shut down *cough*. But last week I was looking at old videos and saw this one and became determined to finish it, especially since you guys always leave really nice comments on videos with these two and I feel really bad about my lack of uploads lately (boo, work and school), especially Asian dramas, but I just haven't been marathoning them like I used to...still I know there have been some popular dramas released this year so maybe over winter break I'll get back into them!

As far as Ita Kiss goes, I really really loved this version. It will be hard for future incarnations to beat Ariel and Joe's chemistry but this one came close (and had Miki Honoka been older I think it would have been even closer). Regardless of age though, Yuki Furukawa and Miki were awesome with their characters and awesome together, and the writers did a great job of building their relationship as a married couple throughout the second season! I also really like that stuff wasn't dragged out in this version like it tended to be in the Taiwanese version (poor Kdrama version only got the webisodes so they had the opposite problem).

Speaking of comments (well, kind of, I mentioned them like two paragraphs back) I have been just terrible and awful at replying to them lately! I'm trying to get better about checking my inbox but just know that even if I don't reply I love love love every comment I get- sometimes they can even turn a bad day around :)

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