[270.06 MB] Transport Fever First Look! *Pre-Release Preview* (Moleman Live)

Transport Fever First Look! *Pre-Release Preview* (Moleman Live) #2 Transport Fever First Look! *Pre-Release Preview* (Moleman Live) #2 Transport Fever First Look! *Pre-Release Preview* (Moleman Live) #4

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Thanks to the folks at Urban Games, I'm allowed to share Transport Fever early with you guys!

I decided to start off with a livestream, where I could dive in and learn from the chat, as I've never played anything like this before. However, now that I have a few hours experience behind me, I shall aim to bring you a proper series when I can! I understand that watching near 2 hours of confused Moleman might not be for everyone :)

Transport Fever is out on November 8th, and you can pre-order it now with a 25% discount! http://store.steampowered.com/app/446800/

Of course, it may just be out when you watch this, but I cannot factor the future into these descriptions :P

This was livestreamed on my Twitch, please follow me (both on there and on Twitter) for news and updates on when I go live!

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