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Recently Russia, Finland, Latvia, and even Brooklyn or Crooklyn, NY Ebay sellers have been bootlegging my song Carnival of Light on CD's. So I felt some videos are needed to explain Carnival of Light. I also am streaming my album in those regions.

Just the same I've found over the years when it comes to Carnival of Light, you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Carnival of Light has produced some of the strangest reactions. In 2008 very few got my Randy Neumanesque joke. Many would attack my cover version of a song I never heard before. Some would just be confused. Others who were still in diapers would later be allowed online so they could accuse me of breaking into the Beatles vault!!!! INSANE.

I've released much of the music on this album before and initially had to do it because bootleggers from the UK said in their sphere if any song they find doesn't compare to something they can buy it's okay to bootleg it. Yes Nowhere Man records used an album template for CD production and spread that on the file sharing sites. Others such as Rascol records and some vulgarian said my song was theirs and released it on a fake Beatles CD, The Beatles Now and Then titling the song they added my song to ,"Carnival of light(All outfakes mixed in one)". Recently that was re-released in new packaging.

1st attempt at using some capture device(software)on a website. Audio came out one side unfortunately.


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