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Raeng Tawan แรงตะวัน MV || i'm paralyzed #2 Raeng Tawan แรงตะวัน MV || i'm paralyzed #2 Raeng Tawan แรงตะวัน MV || i'm paralyzed #4

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Drama: Raeng Tawan แรงตะวัน (The Burning Sun)
Song: Paralyzed by NF

Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODyewiHx4_I

Turn on CC for subtitles!! :DD

***SPOLIER ALTER! EP.1 - EP.5***

I decided not to crop the video since it's such poor quality. I hate it because I feel like there's too much stuff on the screen. There's the logo, words, and other things on the screen that's causing a distraction from the vid. I didn't even want to add lyrics because there's gonna be so much going on, but I managed to add a little here and there. lol

Back at it again with the voice overs!! I suck, but whatever!! lol
I've been getting some motivations from the Asian Dramas on Crack videos that I've watched and especially this drama!! At first I wasn't gonna give this drama a try because I'm not a big fan of Aum....but right now, I'm proud to announce that I'm officially a fan girl of Aum!! Ahah. Aum is the bomb! That rhymes! ^^

My favorite scene was when all the people changed their voice in ep. 5. At first I thought the person who uploaded the drama changed the audio or something, but Aum's voice sound the same while theirs' wasn't. lol I didn't expect Aum do change his voice too. I was drinking water and when Aum changed his voice, I laughed so hard...water came out of my nose!! Ahah. I love how Aum's "gang" and servants are soooo funny!! Like they are not cold and serious like the other gangs. Ahah. I also freaking love Aom & Peach!!

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